Album Review: My Little Flame by Kathryn Rose

Album Name: My Little Flame
Artist: Kathryn Rose
Year/Label: 2002 / Footlodgedinthedoor Music

Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Canadian singer Kathryn Rose creates a lush, dramatic sound on her second cd. Her smooth but strong voice reminds me a little of kd lang and she’s equally adept at singing torch songs.

There’s plenty of great songs here like the bitterly amusing “I Marrried Myself” and the ghostly “Dear the Motehr of a Dead Son”.

This album sometimes strays into Portishead territory and is lovley when it does. Mostly it just inhabits its own bizarrely gorgeous torch world.

Karhryn Rose is a singer to be cherished.Don’t let her pass you by.

Posted on January 7, 2002

Track Listing
1. Something I Can Use
2. The Gift Of This Moment
3. Life’s Luxurious
4. This Long
5. The Original Groundhog Day
6. I Married Myself
7. Deserving
8. Dear The Mother Of A Dead Son
9. Shrinking Violet
10. Virginia

[Kathryn Rose Official Site]


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