Album Review: My Star by Marina V

Album Name: My Star
Artist: Marina V
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I’ve reviewed Marina V several times in the past. I’ve had this one in my rotation for a few months now and perhaps I haven’t moved on it because I don’t want to have to remove it.

This is one of those albums that’s hard to review but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it. I do. And I adore Marina in general. It’s just that I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t been said by me or someone else. Her releases are always lovely.

She opens with You Make Me Beautiful which is classic Marina. Catchy and massively appealing while still having an edge.

Her voice is just so warm and comforting. It always makes me smile.

Unbalanced is almost orchestral. It’s upbeat, but there’s a lot going on.

Tonkaya Ryabina is in Russian as you may have guessed. It’s a capella so her voice really shines.

Magical Christmas is sort of cabaret-ish with heavy showcase on piano, it sounds like we should be in a lounge sipping a peppermint martini. And it’s a lovely way to end the album.

Track Listing
1. You Make Me Beautiful
2. Thursday Song
3. Blue for You
4. My Star
5. Killing My Dream
6. Don’t Cry
7. Unbalanced
8. Weight of the World
9. Tonkaya Ryabina
Bonus track
10. Magical Christmas

[Marina V Official Site]

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