Album Review: No Easy Way by Jean Laughlin

Album Name: No Easy Way
Artist: Jean Laughlin
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Jean Laughlin is a jazz singer who pens her own songs, which is a good way of standing out in a crowded genre. She has a good voice and an easy way with these songs that’s quite beguiling.

Party Down sees the singer use her smooth vocals in an up tempo mood that recalls the swinging sixties.

Moment to Moment is the singer at her best, nicely managing a sensitive ballad of daring to live life to the fullest. The band manages a competent and inspired backing.

Simplify is bold and brassy, and all the better for it. Laughlin swings it cool and easy here.

The closing title song is a good way to end, a poignant ode to resilience. The vocal is sweet and convincingly hopeful.

Jean Laughlin has made a fine album.

Track Listing
1. Open
2. Party Down
3. Home ( a lullaby)
4. Moment to Moment
5. Sad Eyes
6. Cast Away
7. Simplify
8. Friendships Broken
9. Lookin’ at the Downside
10. No Easy Way

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