Album Review: No Really I’m Fine by Carrie Weiland

Album Name: No Really I’m Fine
Artist: Carrie Weiland
Year/Label: 2002 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

You want funky? I got funky for ya!

The first track on this CD, “It’s the Love” is a great fun, funky rock song. She even alters her voice for a portion of it and it sounds really cool.

The rest of the CD is great as well. It’s got a great rock feel and the lyrics are thoughtful.

On “You Love Me” she sings:

I’ve been around enough to know When my heart feels something familiar Déjà vu for the first time As comfortable as an old shoe As new as a sunrise I’ve been around enough to know”

If you like funky, bluesy rock, ala Melissa Etheridge and/or Bonnie Raitt you’ll enjoy Carrie Weiland.

Posted on September 10, 2002

Track Listing

1. It’s the Love Of
2. Disagree
3. Divine Light
4. You Love Me
5. Right for You
6. Pain Pain Go Away
7. Get Up
8. Blink of an Eye
9. Suitcase
10. Kind
11. I’ll Be There

[Carrie Weiland Official Site]

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