Album Review: On a Shingle Near Yapton By David Francis

Album Name: On a Shingle Near Yapton
Artist: David Francis
Year/Label: 2011 / Monochrome Museum

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

I’ve reviewed David Francis in the past, and his new album is a strong effort. He has a singular style and a way with words.

Dream London is a fittingly dreamy effort, Francis’ vocal supported by guitar and strings.

Song of the Earth is a sensitive, eco-friendly song that Francis and his collaborator John Mono handle well.

Shores of Inhumanity has surreal yet believable lyrics about man’s inhumanity and a tune that’s memorable.

Anthem for Green England closes the album on a good note, Francis painting a picture of a world desired.

It’s a good record and then some.

Track Listing
1. You’ve Come To See Me
2. Dream London
3. Warming Up
4. Song of the Earth
5. Execution of a Spy
6. Shores of Inhumanity
7. Nobody
8. The Girl Got On
9. Need You
10. Anthem for Green England (Feat. The Global Village)

[David Francis Official Site]

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