Album Review: On the Right Track by Wendy Daniels

Album Name: On the Right Track
Artist: Wendy Daniels
Year/Label: 2004 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Whenever I get a country CD I realize that it’s apparent that not all the artists read my submission page before sending their stuff. I state clearly that I am not a fan of country, blues or Christian music but I get it anyway. Go figure.

It’s OK though because sometimes I end up liking it anyway…this is one of those times. Wendy Daniels’ “On the Right Track” is probably not a CD I will whip out very often, but it’s an enjoyable listen.

She opens with a jaunty little song that has intricate guitar parts and clever lyrics though the repetition of them takes away from them a little. She had something great but then kept repeating it and it looses something in the process. I could also have lived without the train sounds in the background. That turns an otherwise cool song, into something a tad cheesy. But perhaps that is just how country is, and why I’m not a huge fan.

Genre aside, Daniels’ voice is strong and a perfect match for the songs. The musicianship is outstanding these are real professionals.

If you like country with more of an older twist (not the new country) then you might want to give Wendy Daniels a spin.

Stand out songs: “After the Rain” and “No, I Haven’t Forgotten”

Posted on June 4, 2004

Track Listing
1. On the Right Track
2. Still in Love With You
3. You Talk Too Much
4. After the Rain
5. Mood Swings
6. You Never
7. Good At Good Byes
8. Deeper Love
9. No, I Haven’t Forgotten
10. Chicks Rule
11. You Got Something I Want
12. A Woman Knows
13. Biggest Fear
14. How’s Heaven?

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