Album Review: One Hundred Words for Water by Flotilla


Album Name: One Hundred Words for Water
Artist: Flotilla
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Gosh, Veronica Charnley was one of the first musicians I covered back in the day (when the site was just a baby). But this is the first time I’ve ever reviewed her music. She’s now with a band called Flotilla which consists of Veronica herself: vocals, guitar, Geof Holbrook (her husband): bass, keyboards, electronics, vocals, Eveline Grégoire-Rousseau: harp and Benoit Monière : drums. They make a great team!

The album opens with a strange rhythmic guitar lines and almost dissonant vocals. Now we know we’re not in for samey, mainstreamy pop crap!

She has a lovely voice that matches the cool, pop-rock music well. The songs are well written with interesting melodies, unexpected rhythms and clever lyrics.

A Thousand Jacobs is quite catchy and fun with a good melody and infectious rhythm.

Charlie I’m Through is fun and catchy. Like super catchy. It comes to me in sleep, even.

This record is different enough to be called alternative (as opposed to mainstream) yet accessible enough for anyone.

Track Listing
1. Song for Yannick
2. Prelude and Epilogue
3. A Thousand Jacobs
4. Ghost in a Landscape
5. Ophelia
6. Charlie, I’m Through
7. Two Boys
8. Court and Spark
9. Clouds
10. Old Mill
11. Meet Me Outside

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