Album Review: One Light is Gone by Josienne Clarke

Album Name: One Light is Gone
Artist: Josienne Clarke
Year/Label: 2011 / Hatfish Music Ltd

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

This is one of those albums that upon first listen I like. I like it, I don’t love it. But I like it enough to keep listening. Then by the 10th play or so I’m totally in love. I remember feeling this way about an artist named Audra Kubat. In fact, the two ladies have a similar style. Sort of a lo-fi, 70s folk sound.

Yes, the songs all sound similar, until you really spend some time with them.

Josienne aside from having a gorgeous name, has a gorgeous voice to match. It’s got a clear, full quality. Reminds me a tad of Joan Baez. I sense an accent here though. I’m going to go ahead and guess French, before even reading her bio. Hang on while I go check…hmm, it doesn’t say actually, except saying she’s from Sussex. Well, at any rate, it’s very appealing.

The guitar playing is lovely, particularly on Way to the Shore.

A Troubled Win is really lovely.

This is quite a nice record. It’s going in my personal rotation.

Track Listing
1. The Birds
2. Midnight Moon
3. All My Truth
4. By The Fire
5. On The Ropes
6. One Light Is Gone
7. A Black Night
8. Out To Sea
9. How To Tame A Lion
10. Die Trying
11. Way To The Shore
12. An End
13. Done
14. A Troubled Win

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