Album Review: Out of Nowhere by Sarah Sharp

Album Name: Out of Nowhere
Artist: Sarah Sharp
Year/Label: 2002 / I Don’t Mind Publishing

Review by Digman

…And then from OUT OF NOWHERE – Sarah Sharp!

Built by voice-on quality (the vocal architecture) and produced by music-designer Bryan Keeling… “Out Of Nowhere” is a five-star CD environment of Rock/Sharp induced… vocal tongue.

Structured by good workmanship (the musicians) and built on a solid five tier musical foundation. Sharp exceeds both lyrically and vocally the building specifications of well-written and performed songs.

Opening with “Not Scared” (the first tier), Sharp nails (builds) with voice fluid intensity each lyrical word and completes this (her) construction by rounding the musical edges with soft-like Sharp beauty – the harmonic kind!

“After You’re Gone” is a continuation of Sharp’s vocal dusting (polishing) and is accompanied by the acoustic framework of Buffalo Speedway (yes, that’s his name), which (who) together form a song that is hammered into gilded soul!

“Out Of Nowhere”, “Mom’s High” and the final musical tier “Magician” further and then conclude this Sharp attractive listening pleasure.

Written by Sharp and co-writers (the banding) Buffalo Speedway, Jacob Wise and Sam Arnold. These songs are all excellent but what is not excellent (the fault of this CD) is that “Out Of Nowhere” is an EP and Sharp and the listener…deserve more!

Posted on June 17, 2002

Track Listing
1. Not Scared
2. After You’re Gone
3. Out Of Nowhere
4. Mom’s High
5. Magician


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