Album Review: Paperclips and Sand by Jo Mango

Album Name: Paperclips and Sand
Artist: Jo Mango
Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Jo Mango (last name assumed) surely has crafted her chilled out debut and a fine one it is.

Her soft vocals on opener “My Lung” recalls a less child-like Stina Nordenstam and the tune is lovely.

“Gamer” is a wistful song of loss , the soft backing bringing it more impact. Alan Peacock gives a great duet vocal.

“Waltz with me” is done in waltz-time and Mango’s vocal is wide-eyed and full of wonder. The strings are used tastefully and not to smother the tune.

“Blue Light” is sweeping and bold, which makes a difference from the other songs on the album. The hushed atmosphere becomes Jo Mango in general, but the change is nice all the same.

This is a charming debut.

Posted on May 4, 2006

Track Listing
1. My Lung
2. Tea Lights
3. Gamer
4. How I’d Be
5. Waltz With Me
6. Take Me Back
7. Hard Day
8. Blue Light
9. Harlow 1959
10. Portuguese Skies

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