Album Review: Papermaps by Papermaps


Album Name: Papermaps
Artist: Papermaps
Year/Label: 2013 / Sparks

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Papermaps used to be known as Ex-Po and their new name reflects a sound that’s as fresh as can be.

Opener Angela is a glorious pop song with an urgent delivery by singer Dean Marino.

Can’t make a Living is a song sung in a powerpop style that the band pull off well.

Exit is an energetic, punky song that has a real sense of edginess to it. Marino’s vocal is tense throughout.

You are my Gallows ends the album on a god note, Marino and co playing a soft yet intense song in a good way.

It’s a great album all told.

Track Listing
1. Angela
2. Reunion
3. Can’t Make A Living
4. Forever
5. Complicate Things
6. Exit
7. Coddled
8. You Glided Down
9. Wishful Thinker
10. You Are My Gallows

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