Album Review: Paradise Wobble by Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys

Album Name: Paradise Wobble
Artist: Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys
Year/Label: 2000 / Coeur de Jeanette

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Janet Klein’s second album sees her adding a band. She still sings songs from the last century in her own way. Most of them have the sort of lyrics you wont find anywhere today, which is why it’s nice that Klein and her boys have given us a chance to hear them.

There are some truly hilarious lines in Cole Porter’s “The Physician” that Klein seems to savour delivering. “He went into wild ecstatics when I showed him my lymphatics” is just one.

Klein brings unparalleled sass to Mae West’s “I’m No Angel” and an adorable pout to “Pretty Little Baby”.

Ian Whitcomb takes over vocals on the weird “T’aint No Sin to take off Your Skin and Dance Around in your Bones”. He does a great job of it.

“Clip Joint” is a soulful and sinful tale that Klein makes her own. The band help to flesh out the sound and makes it swing. It’s a truly lovely little album.

Posted on November 6, 2002

Track Listing
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1. I Wish I Were Twins
2. Pretty Little Baby
3. Shine
4. It was Only A Sunshower
5. The Physician
6. Any Kind-A-Man (would be better than you)
7. Palakiko Blues
8. Nasty Man
9. Paradise Wobble
10. Clip Joint
11. I’m No Angel
12. Honolulu Stomp
13. Someday Sweetheart
14. I Used To Love You
15. You Went Away Too Far
16. Sous Les Toits de Paris
17. Lonely Little Bluebird
18. Taint No Sin To Take Off Your Skin
19. Real Estate Papa You Aint Gonna
20. Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love
21. Maui Chimes
22. You’re A Heavenly Thing
23. Will You Remember Me?

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