Album Review: Pilfershire Lane by Tara Busch


Album Name: Pilfershire Lane
Artist: Tara Busch
Year/Label: 2009 / Tummy Touch

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Tara Busch has gotten comparisons to Kate Bush, and while they aren’t wrong she has a sound all her own on this amazing debut.

Over the Radio/Can You Read Me? is a striking excursion in space rock with a lovely lead vocal.

Third Speed of Light has ghostly touches and an utterly gorgeous piano melody. Here Busch recalls the haunted splendour of Hannah Fury.

Get Drunk and F—k is an abrasive change of pace, Bush gleefully spits out the chorus. She clearly had fun with this one and it shows.

We Can See Mars sees Busch ending her album in style, a sweet ode to exploring set to a sweet backing.

Busch experiments with sound on her album and she always comes up a winner. This is a remarkable record and one of the year’s best.

Track Listing
1. Over the radio/can you read me?
2. Pilfershire Lane/Simsbury 1978
3. Third speed of light
4. Imaginary audience
5. Superfriends/ St.George
6. Get drunk and f-k
7. Pour the Bottle pt1
8. This is love
9. We can see Mars

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