Album Review: Pillar of Salt by Kissing Cousins


Album Name: Pillar of Salt
Artist: Kissing Cousins
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Well, these ladies get right to it. The first track will wake you up and knock you silly; In the very best way of course. The driving guitar and heavy beats are like a refreshing eraser of some of the mamby-pamby (hey, dad, I used your phrase!) stuff I’ve been listening to. Oh get me a whiskey and a cigarette. Ok not a cigarette.

Where was I?
Yes, well, the record will rock your socks. But it’s also kinda ambient and dreamy at times.

Over Now is pretty haunting with it’s discordant melody and swooping vocals.

In Too Deep is also cool. It’s got a nice rhythm and makes me want to sway. It actually sounds like it could be a great soundtrack song.

I like Red Lamb a lot too. This one and She’s Right remind me of a great 90s band called the [The Heartthrobs].

This is a really cool record and I can see it being one I listen to long after the review is posted.

Track Listing
1 First in The Fire
2 Come Back To Me
3 Diminishing Returns
4 Over Now
5 In Too Deep
6 Snake Handler Part 1
7 Red Lamb
8 She’s Right
9 Don’t Look Back
10 Snake Handler Part 2

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