Album Review: Poet’s Lovely Daughter by Erin Muir


Album Name: Poet’s Lovely Daughter
Artist: Erin Muir
Year/Label: 2009 / Spin Out records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

This album perplexed me. At one point the music reminded me of Terami Hirsch. Another time I thought it was a man singing. So it became time to really sit down with this one. No distractions, not on shuffle with others, just some quality alone time. Which I never have, and that’s why this has been on my virtual desk for almost 3 months.

What I’ve learned…well, her voice is, indeed, pretty deep. It’s maybe a tad severe for me, personally. But fans of deep, throaty (and I don’t mean that to sound porny) singers such as Happy Rhodes would probably really dig this. It doesn’t surprise me that she’s spent time with a cabaret and burlesque troupe. I also must note that she’s from my home state of Minnesota. She was back in town recently and sadly I missed her, but I’d like to try and catch her when she comes back.

But I like the music very much. It’s deep, dark, haunting, and even gloomy at times. The voice actually matches it very well and has grown on me considerably since I first heard it. The instrumentation is heavy on the keyboard/synth and has layers galore, complete with strings!

Too Much may be my favorite track. I just really like the beat. Other faves are the title track, Poet’s Lovely Daughter and Shadow and Silt; which has a cool Latin feel.

I love the artwork too, this is one case where it really enhances the music for me.

Track Listing
1. Supernatural
2. K15
3. Heart Given
4. Poet’s Lovely Daughter
5. Shadows and Silt
6. Too Much
7. Faith
8. Slack Butterfly
9. Lost Among the Lilies*
10. City in the Sky

[Erin Muir Official Site]

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