Album Review: Polyamorous Affair by Polyamorous Affair

Album Name: Polyamorous Affair
Artist: Polyamorous Affair
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Eddie Chacon was in the duo Charles and Eddie who had a big hit with the song Would I lie to you?. Alongside Sissy Saint-Marie he records urban and very chic disco on their debut.

Whoever Controls the Groove should get dancefloors spinning, a heavy bet set against Chacon’s smooth vocal.

Merry Go Round
sees a nice interaction between the two singers, as a handclapping rhythm takes over. Sainte-Marie’s girlish coo lends itself well to this song.

Babyaga weaves a fairy tale about kids fighting evil to a thumping beat. Saint-Marie’s vocals sound everso innocent.

Riviera lives up to its title by being cool and glamorous, like a modern day Grace Jones. Chacon takes charge as Sainte-Marie plays the seductress.

It’s a glamorous, frothy and sweet record. And it’s guaranteed to start your party right.

Track Listing
1 Nightlife
2 Whoever Controls the Groove
3 Merry Go Round
4 Private Life
5 Babayaga
6 Raow Raow
7 Riviera
8 Like Animal
9 Chernobyl

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