Album Review: Red by Dafni

Album Name: Red
Artist: Dafni
Year/Label: 2004 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Dafni is not one of those artists who just decided she wanted to be a rock star and put out a CD with daddy’s money (yes, I have gotten those too). This girl is truly a musician.

She started singing at four and in high school played the French horn, electric bass, piano, organ, and mellophone. So it seems obvious that she would put out a CD one day. That day has come and what a nice recording she has released.

This CD is filled with lush songs that are at the same time raw. The production is warm and solid but the songs themselves are mostly acoustic guitar and vocals (yes there are other instruments, but these are prevalent) that have a touch of Ani DiFranco’s edginess that is quite appealing.

Dafni’s voice is very pleasing; she has a great vibrato that skates over the melodies nicely.

The songs are well written and are interesting with my favorites being: Save My Dreams, Red (well, it has piano, of course I’d like it) and To Her Door.

Posted on January 8, 2005

Track Listing
Listen to track samples while you read
1. Control
2. Happy Day
3. Save My Dreams
4. Should Have Forgotten all About You
5. Mr America
6. Red
7. Temperance
8. Hope
9. To Her Door
10. So long
11. Never Make Me Cry
12. Error -9073

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