Album Review: (Red) Trees by Lisa Papineau


Album Name: (Red) Trees
Artist: Lisa Papineau
Year/Label: 2009 / Yellow Bird/Hamonia Mundi

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Lisa Papineau once fronted Pet who was signed to Tori Amos’ label Igloo. Since then she’s continued solo and done good work.

She’s done mostly quiet but effective songs for this outing. Annett Tessier has a twisted folk ambience that works well.

White Leather Pants is kinda up tempo and has delightfully odd lyrics.

I Dream of Red Trees mixes French and English and is dreamy and sweet. Matthieu Boogaerts adds a sweet duet vocal.

Later on Mark Eitzel drops by for This is For the Love(J’te kiffe) and fits rights in amidst the sparse instrumentation.

Papineau is more than the sum of her collaborators; she can stand on her own two feet. Her album’s a quiet treasure.

Track Listing

  1. Rene Thomas
  2. Annette Tessier
  3. Gay can’t wait forever
  4. White leather pants
  5. I dream of red trees
  6. The language of a name
  7. Marco Chomo
  8. Touch time out
  9. Sorry I cannot English
  10. This is for the love(J’te kiffe)
  11. Nancy Baker
  12. A reprise

[Lisa Papineau Official Site]

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