Album Review: Relax Your Ears by Joel Styzens

Album Name: Relax Your Ears
Artist: Joel Styzens
Year/Label: 2009 / A-Sharp Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Oh thank god, someone who’s not country…or Americana…or blues…or bluegrass…or country-folk…I’ve been inundated lately. So this album is more than music to my ears. It’s instrumental. But very melodic. It made it onto my sleepytime playlist.

Not that it will put you to sleep. But it’s very chill. And beautifully done. It’s very lush with piano, strings, and more.

Joel Styzens used to be a drummer until he developed an ear problem and had to stop. He actually woke upwith the pitch A sharp ringing in his ears one day (hence the record lable name as well as track 1 ) He discovered a whole other world of music. And it is indeed relaxing. I really do love the sound of the cello.

My favorite tracks are: A-Sharp, Life Line, and Unaware (which reminds me of Radiohead).

Lovely album that I’ll be listening to for some time.

Track Listing
1. A-Sharp
2. As You Are
3. For You
4. Life Line
5. 7 8 6
6. Unaware
7. Reflection
8. It Was
9. Viv
10. Humboldt
11. Take Anything
12. Memento Mori

[Joel Styzens Official Site]

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