Album Review: Remnants of a Deeper Purity by Black Tape for a Blue Girl

Album Name: Remnants of a Deeper Purity
Artist: Black Tape for a Blue Girl
Year/Label: 2006 / Projekt

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

This is an expanded reissue of a classic darkwave album. Founder Sam Rosenthal and then band members Oscar Herrera, Lucian Casselman and Vicki and Mera Roberts created an intriguing neo-classical record.

Oscar and Lucian’s vocals are pure and gorgeous and the arrngemnets sumptuous.

“With My Sorrows” is austere and Herreras’s vocal suitably forlorn. The songs sheer beauty prevents it from being too somber. The strings by Vicki and Mera Roberts are used well.

“For you will burn your wings upon the sun” is no less autumnal and its grace is hymnal as it unfolds. Herrera’s dramatic vocal underscores the words of lost love.

“Fitful” has a near classical arrangement and a gorgeous melody.

The bonus disc includes live versions of the songs and the lovely “En la mar ay una torre”.

It’s a great package all told.

Posted on October 11, 2006

Track Listing
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Disc One –
1. Redefine Pure Faith
2. Fin De Siécle
3. With My Sorrows
4. For You Will Burn Your Wings Upon The Sun
5. Wings Tattered, Fallen
6. Fitful
7. Remnants Of A Deeper Purity
8. Again, To Drift (For Veronika)
9. I Have No More Answers
Disc Two –
10. En La Mar Ay Una Torre
11. With My Sorrows (Part 2)
12. With My Sorrows (Part 3)
13. I Have No More Answers (Radio Edit)
14. Redefine Pure Faith (Live)
15. Through Sky Blue Rooms (Live)
16. Remnants Of A Deeper Purity (Live)
17. Across A Thousand Blades (’96)

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