Album Review: Right on Time by Ellis

Album Name: Right on Time
Artist: Ellis
Year/Label: 2010 / Rubberneck

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Well, I’ve sure known about Ellis for years. I think every single person who’s come to my house to do a living room concert has asked me if I know her, and I, myself, am surprised I don’t. But alas, I never heard her music until this album showed up in my mailbox.

Now I’m bummed that I’ve been missing out. I didn’t realize how sweet her music was. Maybe that’s a bad description, but I guess I was expecting more Melissa Ferrick (whose music I should like, but I just can’t connect with). But this is just somehow, I don’t know, just more appealing. She actually reminds me at times, of Brandi Carlile.

The songwriting is superb and her voice is a lovely blend of folksy and pop.

Coming Home to You is wonderful. It’s catchy and feels very comfortable.

I also really like Without a Compass, and Close to You. But in going through this album again to pick my favorites I realize I really do like them all.

Since I’ve not heard her other stuff I am unable to compare this release to her others. Maybe you, reader, can help out with that. But I’ll just say this is a great album and I’m really enjoying it.

PS sorry this review is so late. You have no idea how long it takes to find “Ellis” music/buy links on my various affiliate pages. Search engines are for sh*t and bring up every conceivable “Ellis” except her. Plus nothing was available online until today.

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