Album Review: Rose EP by Rose

Album Name: Rose EP

Artist: Rose

Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

Rose Walker is but a wee lass (sorry, I’m looking forward to my trip to Scotland a little too much I guess!) but she’s got a big talent.

The music in general is poppy and up-tempo, especially Brand New Day, which I could see getting radio play on Top 40 type stations.
She has a sweet, breathy pop voice that matches the material very well. The songs are melodic and catchy without being too simpy. The production quality is good.

Steal Me has some nice plunky piano on the intro and goes into yet another radio friendly tune.

At only age 16 she’s released a pretty impressive EP. I look forward to seeing what she brings as she matures.

Track Listing

1. Always for You
2. Brand New Day
3. Come Back Home
4. Steal Me
5. Another Sometime
6. Voices

[Rose Walker My Space]


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