Album Review: Sarah Rabdau and the Self-Employed Assassins


Album Name: Sarah Rabdau and the Self-Employed Assassins
Artist: Sarah Rabdau and the Self-Employed Assassins
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Sarah Rabdau’s previous record was more electronically influenced than her follow-up. She’s found a new band member and new inspiration.

Opener Crushing with its staccato piano and dramatic vocal recalls Dresden Dolls.

Boxing Helena tells of a girl who feels as oppressed as the forced amputee in Jennifer Lynch’s eponymous film. Rabdau’s piano playing is stellar here.

San Francisco is a seemingly sweet piano ballad where the lead vocal is utterly gorgeous.

Self-employed Assassin ends the album on a disturbing note, a song of love gone wrong and murder. Rabdau throws herself into it with great spirit.

She’s successfully changed her style and come out a more compelling artist than ever before.

Track Listing
1 Crushing
2 Autumn Spills
3 Queen of the Castle
4 Boxing Helena
5 Riots and Revolutions
6 Weekend
7 San Francisco
8 Jackie
9 Pillar of Tears
10 Man Child
11 Stop Calling
12 Self-employed Assassin

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