Album Review: Sea Sew by Lisa Hannigan


Album Name: Sea Sew
Artist: Lisa Hannigan
Year/Label: 2009 / Hoop Recordings

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Review by David Adair

To get the preliminaries out of the way early, yeah the voice that cushioned Damien Rice’s supple, hearty and feeling felt material whilst he climbed the ladder to International recognition was that of the Irish tenderiser, Lisa Hannigan. Naturally, although a little later than many expected, Hannigan steps out on her own, seeking to build on this experience and use the knowledge and skills gained with Rice to entertain, sooth and ignite a fire of reflection in the minds of discerning listeners.

This debut album is yearning, reflective and contemplative, so yeah comparisons with her former collaborator will flow like bad blood between Fergie and Benitez. Venn Diagram, sums up all Hannigan’s weaving subtlety as well parading her paradoxical, haunting yet soothing touch, something that seeps through this stirring ten track stroll. It contains slightly animated interludes, as the feeling builds up and the leading ladies heart opens out.

The journeying nature of the material reaches a nadir in Sea Song, when a wispy tail drags onto the vocal coating, adding a weary and life lagging vibe. This is quite potent for the fact that it does not comes across as forced or strained. It is when this sincere songstress slows down to a vocal dawdle in, Splishy Splashy that her comforting and reassuring manner is in full glory. Gently cushioned by a deft xylophone and supple drum beat accompaniment that showers around the low-key, yet calming touch of Hannigan. Rhythm and energy picks up for the mildly throbbing Keep It All, aiding the blues push and Amy Studt veined vibe.

Track Listing
1. Ocean And A Rock
2.. Venn Diagram
3. Sea Song
4. Splishy Splashy
5. I Don’t Know
6. Keep It All
7. Courting Blues
8. Pistachio
9. Teeth
10. Lille

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