Album Review: See Red by Cindy Alexander

Album Name: See Red
Artist: Cindy Alexander
Year/Label: 2002 / JamCat Records

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Review by Digman

In Today’s competitive market “See Red” is a Performance Data (Cindy Alexander) Investment CD. A Musical Certificate of Deposit, with an annual percentage yield of high value listening premiums.

It is… a record performance!

Produced by musical-analysis David Darling and mixed into eleven-tracks of lyrical motion. Alexander sings with a distinctive (rhythmic) word- texture quality… and this is the key feature -Quality!

With options like: “Better Than I am”, “In My Box”(which sings… out of the box), “Prophet”, and “Dresden”! Alexander brings (sings) into this investment, an emotional journey of lyrical maturity.

Combined with strong musicianship and underwritten by co-writers, Paul Tudeau, Robby McKinney, Eric Sacston, Randy Mitchell, Robert Vaughn and K.T. Mahoney. “See Red” is a long-term Alexander investment. And for a one-time enrollment fee (the purchase price), it is a beautiful and musical listening experience…it is musical-responsibility at it’s best!

Posted on May 16, 2002

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. Better Than I Am
2. Sick of Myself
3. Time Falling Down
4. I See Stars
5. Hey Hey
6. I’m O.K.
7. In My Box
8. Prophet
9. Joei
10. Dresden
11. City Astronaut

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