Album Review: Seeing Angels by Boggie

Album Name: Seeing Angels
Artist: Boggie
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Boggie Dimitrova’s new record is a solid effort. She’s mostly soft-spoken but her words speak volumes.

“Thought Abbout It” is a moving song about unrequited love, delivered with confidence.

“Drunk and Dizzy” is a fun, up tempo song where Boggie’s angelic vocals compete for attention with the spirited backing.

“Moonwalk” is a nice song, Boggie singing sweetly to a bouncy backing. She uses her girlish voice well here.

“To Dad” is a suitable and moving ode to her father. She’s made a very nice record.

Track Listing
1. Thought about it
2. Winter blues
3. Drunk and dizzy
4. Seeing angels
5. Tell me about it
6. Someday somehow
7. Cheesecake blues
8. Moonwalk
9. To dad
10. Summer blues
11. Waiting
12. Inside my heart
13. Can I say i love you

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