Album Review: Semi-Broken Heart by Sharon Goldman

Album Name: Semi-Broken Heart
Artist: Sharon Goldman (Edry)
Year/Label: 2004 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Back in July of 2002 I reviewed Sharon Edry’s first CD, “Edge of a Dream” and I liked it very much.

I don’t remember that CD’s songs being about love lost which makes me wonder if something happened to Sharon in between the two recordings. This one has quite a sad edge to it. Clearly she’s been through a break up recently. If not, she’s great at imagining it or recalling an old parting.

The very first line out of the gate is fabulous:

I think that I should win a special Oscar for my part As a blind girl living with a semi-broken heart

-from “Make-Believe”

Then “Happy Ever After” has this heartbreaking phrase:

You said you needed me
That you’d never leave me
We’d stay together
Who’s to blame?
You for saying
Me for believing

Edry really has a way with words. She draws pictures with them that really get you to visualize exactly what she means. What a talent.

But the album isn’t necessarily a downer. The songs have an upbeat feel to them. Sort of a disconnect with the lyrics. But it works. Her voice is as strong, clear and lovely as ever. She’s also got a knack for writing melodies that hook without being trite.

This is a great pop/folk recording.

Stand out songs: “Blue Rain” and “Uncertainty”

Posted on August 25, 2004

Track Listing
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1. Make-Believe
2. Happy Ever After
3. Blue Rain
4. Uncertainty
5. Everything
6. Stained Glass Window
7. At the End of the Day
8. Change
9. Never-Ending Skyline
10. More Than
11. Possibility
12. The Simple Song

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