Album Review: Sensual Journeys by Fiona Joy Hawkins

Sensual Journeys by Fiona Joy Hawkins

Album Name: Sensual Journeys
Artist: Fiona Joy Hawkins
Year/Label: 2012 / Little Harley Music

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Pianist Fiona Joy Hawkins has made several nice albums and this new effort is an equally fine effort.

Opener Contemplating is a nice, slow meander with whispered words and a lovely melody.

Flight of the Snowbird sees Hawkins at her most expressive at the piano, and it has a dreamy quality that’s a joy to hear.

Frozen Rose is an intriguing song with a cinematic feel that works really well.

Moving On has vocals in Gaelic by Heather Rankin and it’s a comforting song with a great piano line.

It’s another great album by Fiona Joy Hawkins.

Track Listing
1. Contemplating
2. Joy
3. Flight Of The Snowbird
4. Gliding On Air
5. From The Outside
6. Song Phonique
7. Frozen Rose
8. The Midnight Interlude
9. Moving On
10. White View
11. View From My Studio

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