Album Review: Separate by Blue Rabbit


Album Name: Separate
Artist: Blue Rabbit
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Blue Rabbit is a group based in San Francisco. What sets them apart is that you don’t hear pop groups every day who include cello and Celtic harp. They also have lovely harmonies and tend to write in the minor keys. Perfect!

Missing Piece is a stand out. I think my player likes this one the best.

Like I’d Like You To is also a favorite for me. It’s got an interesting syncopated rhythm and swoopy vocals.

This is a nicely different recording that stands out in a sea of relative sameness. Refreshing.

Blue Rabbit is:
Heather Anderson – songs, voice, guitar
Arami Reyes – voice, shakers, tambourine
Sarah Rocklin – voice, cowbell
Timothy Galida – keys
Kristin Harris – cello
Eah Herren – celtic harp
Kevin Weber – drums

Track Listing
1. Sleep
2. Getting Away
3. Separate
4. Missing Piece
5. No Batteries, Please
6. Like I’d Like You To
7. Stupid Flag
8. Love Secret

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