Album Review: She will Have her Way… by Various Artists

Album Name: She will Have her Way: The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn
Artist: Various Artists
Year/Label: 2005 / EMI Int’l

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

What a great compilation. I’ve been a sort of sideline fan of the Finn brothers for some time. I enjoyed Split Enz when I was in high school and Crowded House in college. So I knew some of these songs but not all of them.

The same goes for the artists. I knew some of them, but most were new to me.

So this was a great record for discovering both new songs by a couple of near legends of pop and also some great new artists (or at least new to me).

Some highlights:

Well I love Sarah Blasko. Her record, “The Overture and the Underscore” is one of my favorites of 2005. It doesn’t hurt that she’s covering probably the best known and loved Finn song, “Don’t Dream it’s Over”. Great combination.

My favorite discovery is probably Brooke Fraser. She reminds me a little of Sarah McLachalan. But I also love Holly Throsby’s sexy smoky voice.

I also enjoy Missy Higgins, but don’t have any of her stuff yet. I wasn’t too shocked that while listening, one song kept making me go see who it was, and it was always this one. Great voice, great song.

Little Birdy ‘s “Six Months In A Leaky Boat” is super fun. Great sing and clap along song.

Renee Geyer was also new to me. Her voice is almost manly but sounds so great on her song. The arrangement is really cool too.

I can’t wait to start gathering CDs from these artists! I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Note: this CD is not really released in the US so if you live here and want it, you’ll have to pay dearly. But I looked on Amazon (use the link to the left) and there are some new and used for sale by others. That’s probably the way to go.

Posted on February 8, 2006


Rating: 5 Stars
Comment: Awesome compilation. A great variety of talent singing some of the best songs ever written. A few favourites: Clare Bowditch – Fall At Your Feet. The opening song of the record and it sets the tone nicely for the rest. A great version of this wonderful song. New Buffalo – Four Seasons In One Day. Another great song, this stripped back version is very very good. Just a piano for the first half, it it amazing!
name: Sophie on Sunday, March 12, 2006

Track Listing
1. Fall At Your Feet- Clare Bowditch
2. Stuff & Nonsense – Missy Higgins
3. I’ll Never Know – Goldenhorse
4. Into Temptation – Renee Geyer
5. Six Months In A Leaky Boat
6. Better Be Home Soon – Kasey Chambers
7. Distant Sun – Brooke Fraser
8. Not The Girl You Think You Are
9. I Hope I Never – Lisa Miller
10. Don’t Dream It’s Over – Sarah Blasko
11. One Step Ahead – Amiel
12. Four Seasons In One Day – New Buffalo
13. Won’t Give In – Sara Storer
14. Pineapple Head- Natalie Imbruglia
15. Persuasion – Stellar*
16. Charlie – Sophie Koh

Clare Bowditch
Missy Higgins
Renee Geyer
Little Birdy
Kasey Chambers
Brooke Fraser
Holly Throsby
Lisa Miller
Sarah Blasko
New Buffalo
Sara Storer
Natalie Imbruglia
Sophie Koh
Stellar* has no site – at least I can’t find it.


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