Album Review: Shotgun Daisy by Stacie Rose

Album Name: Shotgun Daisy
Artist: Stacie Rose
Year/Label: 2008 / Enchanted Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I have reviewed two of Stacie Rose’s albums in the past and remember them as being good alt-pop music. I have noticed a steady growth in her sound from one to the next.

On her latest release we see a yet more mature sound and feel to her music. Her voice is a good match for the material and the songs are well-crafted, catchy, radio-friendly, and comfortable.

Run out features folky-pop fave, Shawn Mullins. However, he’s not all that prominent, just backing vocals. But it’s a cute song and would do well on AAA stations.

Mr. & Mrs. Happily Ever After has a nice infectious melody and shows off the sweetness in her voice.

On Not Listening she uses some voice distortion stuff that is different and cool.

I think I like December best of all. It’s really very pretty.

I think if you are a fan of Stacie Rose and her previous work you will enjoy this one as well. It doesn’t stray too far from what she’s been doing, but when you’ve got a good thing going there’s not much need to make a lot of changes, right?

Track Listing
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1. Find your Way
2. Hope
3. Run Out (Featuring Shawn Mullins)
4. Mr. & Mrs. Happily Ever After
5. Wreck and Best
6. Not Listening
7. Black & Blue
8. December
9. Love Saves
10. Hit me in the Head
11. Ever Again
12. Worry Free

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