Album Review: Songs From Take-Off to Landing by Garrison Starr

Album Name: Songs From Take-Off to Landing
Artist: Garrison Starr
Year/Label: 2002 / Back Porch Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I was given this CD by a friend of mine who works at a club in town at which Garrison Starr was performing. He and his girlfriend saw the show and from what I hear, she’s even better live than on recording. I wish I’d seen it. Garrison’s voice is clear, strong and nice to listen to. Her songs are upbeat (mostly) and fun.

The radio friendly “Big Sky” is one of those songs that sound like you know it the first time you hear it. It’s very familiar and appealing.

“5 Minutes” reminds me (especially vocally) of Marie Frank.

“Anytime” is a pretty song with this great phrase:

When I come apart
You climb into my guitar
You make me mean what I say
You’re my comfort and my bane.

“Star Power” is also a potential “hit” if only some stations would play it! Good strong guitar parts and just plain fun.

Another stand out is “Knucklehead”. She really rocks out on this song about the music business…”behold the hit music revolution…”

All in all this CD has a little bit of an Americana quality to it, but this is much more accessible to those that might not list that as their very favorite genre.

This is a bit more pop-folk-ish and much more fun to me, anyway. If you dig Sarah Harmer and the like, I think you’ll like Garrison Starr.

Posted on April 2, 2002

Track Listing
1. Something’s Gotta Change
2. Big Sky
3. Serves Me Right
4. Madness
5. Silent Night
6. Raging Fire
7. 5 Minutes
8. Anytime
9. Heart Of This Thing
10. Gardenia
11. Star Power
12. Hardest Part Of Living
13. Knucklehead

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