Album Review: Songs From the Gate of Tigers by Cloud Tiger

Album Name: Songs From the Gate of Tigers
Artist: Cloud Tiger
Year/Label: 1999/ Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

An odd record this. I have no idea of Cloud Tiger’s real name, but she sure makes an impression. She uses spoken word rather than singing and adds atmosperic music to it.

“The Tiger Before me” uses hard driving techno beats and has an intriguing lyric.

“Living with the Bends” is a tense mediation on the subject. It allows the listener to really get under the skin of the narrator.

“The island song” is sweet and set to a peaceful backing, but still has dark shadows lurking.

“Womanhood” celebrates women in great and funny ways.

So you mean some poor woman laboured for hours just to bring Howard Stern into this world

is great line.

This record doesn’t sound like much else around right now and that is enough to make it worth recommending.

It’s good too of course.

Posted on May 8, 2002

Track Listing
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1. The Tiger Before Me
2. Living With the Bends
3. The Island Song
4. Through Mists
5. Solange
6. The Moon and You
7. Angel Trains
8. The Macaroni Song
9. Lomir Sich Iberbeten
10. You Don’t Need
11. Love Looks Down

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