Album Review: Sonic Diary by Costanza

Album Name: Sonic Diary
Artist: Costanza
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds
Former Tricky vocalist, Costanza Francavilla has released this album which proves she is a multi-talented vocalist, instrumentalist and composer. I was surprised to discover that this is one person, doing it all.

The style is very chill, dreamy techno pop. Her feathery vocals float over (and under) pulse changing ‘n-sttt n-sttt n-sttt n-sttt ‘ drum beats.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down
is originally a Johnny Cash song, but it doesn’t sound familiar to me. It’s possible that I just don’t know the original well enough or else she’s taken such liberties that she’s made it her own. Either way, it’s a great track.

Not surprising, her music has been used on television (CSI and The L Word) as it’s very mood setting and cinematic If you like Portishead and bands like that, this is a must have.

She is also a visual artist so as you can imagine, her videos are pretty damn cool.

Track Listing
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1 Just Another Alien
2 I’ve Been Waiting for You
3 I Am Ready
4 Babilon Dream
5 God’s Gonna Cut You Down
6 50 Bullets Fired in Queens
7 Burqa
8 In the Sun
9 Where Have You Been
10 I Tuoi Occhi Sono Pieni Di Sale
11 Back Into My Mother’s Womb
12 Promises
13 Medicine
14 Silence
15 Coming Home

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