Album Review: Soul Fire by Sweetbird

Album Name: Soul Fire
Artist: Sweetbird
Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I must admit, my first thought was that this might be a little too cheese ball for me. It was something about the art packaging that gave me this impression. I can’t put my finger on it, but something about it made me think it was not going to be nearly as cool as it is.

I’m happy to report that this is a very nice recoding and I like it very much.

Sweetbird is a Connecticut-based duo made up of Christine Yandell and Steve Waite. They both write the songs though it seems they each write their own as opposed to collaborating together on a song. They even included a Peter Frampton tune. One I’m not familiar with called “Penny for Your Thoughts”. It’s a nice little instrumental piece.

The first track, “Kindred Spirit”, reminds me a little of the Cocteau Twins. It’s just one voice (as opposed to layered vocals), but Yandell does a lot of that lilting, swooping thing that The Twins are so fond of. Her voice also sounds like Joni Mitchell sometimes.

The songs are all very nice and well written. The style could be compared to Sarah McLachlan (the early years) and maybe old school folkies like the aforementioned Joni Mitchell and maybe Joan Baez, Carole King types.

This is a good solid recording and fans of the artists mentioned here should check out Sweetbird.

Stand out songs: Kindred Spirit, Summer Vacation

Posted on November 25, 2005

Track Listing
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1. Kindred Spirit
2. Soul Fire
3. October’s Child
4. Summer Vacation
5. Forever
6. A Time to Heal
7. Road to Ashland
8. Penny for Your Thoughts
9. Still… You Turn Me On
10. Silent Prayer
11. Time Will Tell

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