Album Review: Space by Teresa Ennis

Album Name: Space
Artist: Teresa Ennis
Year/Label: 2007 / Beaver Bank Empire

Ordering Information: [Buy at Amazon US] (but it’s an Import)
[Buy at Amazon Canada]
Maple Music (Cananda)

Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Teresa Ennis solo debut is mostly covers, but she gives them her best.

The Lowlands is a bright reading of a sad song. Ennis voice is lovely here.

Bruce Cockburn’s Going to the Country gets a spirited reading. Ennis sounds bright and happy.

Ma Jolie gets a lovelorn reading, Ennis seems right at home with the old time song.

Her own co-write Under the Moon is a slow, rootsy song that plays to her strengths.

She also covers ELO’s Can’t Get It Out Of My Head beautifully.

Her album is a wonderful listen and her future looks promising.

Posted on November 11, 2007

Track Listing
2. The Lowlands,
3. Going To The Country,
4. I’ve Endured,
5. Ma Jolie,
6. Under The Moon,
7. Downstream,
8. Annie,
9. Song For Adam,
10. Train Leaves Here,
11. Can’t Get It Out of My Head,
12. Space

[Teresa Ennis Official Site]

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