Album Review: Stealing Away by Fancy Bandits

Album Name: Stealing Away
Artist: Fancy Bandits
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Fancy Bandits are Gina Kontur, Emily West and Veigh. They have an arresting style both visually and musically. Comparisons have been made with Rasputina and not without reason.

Yellow Lines is a charmingly impish tale with a memorable tune, Fancy Bandits dance around the edges of a distinct prog influence here.

The Rack is a dreamy meander capable of evoking images of both horror and beauty. The vocal is guarded and lovely.

Sister is bouncy and fun, the trio as ever complimenting each other well. The vocals are sweet and expressive.

Buffalo Train is as fluid and expressive as Rasputina’s finest songs, and has its own head filled with dark visions.

The trio are really onto something with this rich debut.

Track Listing
1. Emily’s Girl
2. Yellow Lines
3. State of mine
4. The rack
5. Good morning
6. Guts
7. Sister
8. Agatha
9. Little dream
10. Buffalo Train
11. Mission impossible

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