Album Review: Stentorian by Anemo

ANEMO: Stentorian

Album Name: Stentorian
Artist: Anemo
Year/Label: 2008 / City Canyon LLC

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Anemo has been reviewed here at Collected Sounds before. In 2005 I reviewed their album, Slowburn. I compared them to Evanescence then and strangely enough, that band came to mind again this time.

However, Anemo are not quite as dark and heavy. They have some songs on here that are actually quite lovely ballads. Anywhere and Still, for example. Since I am not a huge fan of the goth/hard rock genre I’m probably partial to these two songs.

I can appreciate how talented the band members are and I do enjoy listening in small doses. It’s just a bit to heavy to be in my regular rotation.

I will say these songs sound/look really cool using my WinAmp visualizer. And no I am not stoned.

Track Listing
1 Pray
2 Musicbox
3 She’s Not Me
4 Filthy Figure Skater
5 Anyway
6 Shipping News
7 Fives and Sixes
8 Throw It Away
9 Heaven Is Waiting?
10 Another Side to the Story
11 Still

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