Album Review: Strange Behaviour by Karnataka

Album Name: Strange Behaviour
Artist: Karnataka
Year/Label: 2004 / Immarama Records

Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

This is a love album by the brilliant Karnataka. The bands progressive sound and powerful songs come across well on these two cds.

“Time Stands still” is a n epic and evocative opener. Rachel Jones singing is lovely and Paul Davies gets to shine on guitar.

“After the Rain” is a wonderful song. It’s reminiscent of Clannad and has a spirited lead vocal and a soaring chorus. Anne-Marie Helder plays the flute well too.

“Heaven Can Wait” gets a beautiful reading.

The last album “Delicate Flame of Desire” had a strong title track that gets a nice version. Jones and Helders voices are in perfect synch with each other.

The new song “These Dreams Are Over” promises more gems in the future.

“Must be the Devil” is an atmospheric song with plenty of fire. Jones sounds angelic despite the title.

Another new song “Talk to me” shows that the band continue to write great songs.

“Strange Behavior” makes me wish I could see them live soon.

Posted on June 9, 2004

Track Listing
1. Intro-Karnataka
2. Time stands still
3. After the rain
4. Crazy
5. Dreamer
6. Heaven can wait
7. The right time
8. I should have known
9. Delicate Flame of desire
10. These Dreams are over
11. The storm
12. Must be the Devil
13. Strange Behaviour
14. Everything must change
15. Talk to me
16. The journey
17. Tell me why
18. Heart of stone
19. Out of reach

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