Album Review: Struttin’ My Stuff by Ann Rabson

Album Name: Struttin’ My Stuff
Artist: Ann Rabson
Year/Label: 2002 / M.C. Records

Review by Digman

Vocally vivacious and visually verbal, Ann Rabson sings (flows) with the vivid- viscosity of vocal-verbs.

Contagious, and blues-historic, “”Struttin’ My Stuff”” is a blues-plate special of bass-potatoes (Marty Ballou), drum sticks (Richard Crooks) and piano-rolls, filled with the jam and jelly of blue/Rabson/soul!

Served with a side dish (at no additional charge) is Rabson’s own fingerpicking recipe… of raspberry (Rabson style) guitar! Complete with a one-track complimentary appetizer, of yes – the Kazoo!

Rabson’s table setting is well arranged. Beginning with her written manifesto (the first track) ‘on how to get your man back’, titled: “Beggin’ For You, Baby”…And her voice begs for more!

“”Struttin’ My Stuff””, written by Lucille Bogan (the title track), is what usually happens after dinner, and after one employs too much – bluooze. Vocally (I suggest), only Rabson can get away with it.

Continuing with “Barnyard Boogie” (written by Randy Friel), which requires no table manners, and is stomp- piano at its best. Closing with “Careless Boogie”, a well-written and well-played instrumental.

Vigorous and vibrant, with the added ingredient of vocal humor, “Struttin’ My Stuff” is a formula of sixteen table settings (tracks)…of piano ‘rag’, ‘stride’ and ‘slam’; all syncopated within the unique vocal structure, of blue/Rabson/soul!

Posted on May 6, 2002

Track Listing
1. Beggin’ For You, Baby
2. The Blues Don’t Care
3. Hassle Attack
4. Let Me Go Home, Whiskey
5. Struttin’ My Stuff
6. School Days
7. Sportin’ Life
8. Love Song (Ode To George)
9. Pigalle Love
10. Barnyard Boogie
11. Not As Sorry As I Used To Be
12. Late November Afternoon
13. What’s Good For The Gander Is Good For The Goose
14. Check Mr. Popeye
15. Baby, When I’m With You
16. Careless Boogie

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