Album Review: Sweet Sinsations by Lisa Mychols

Album Name: Sweet Sinsations
Artist: Lisa Mychols
Year/Label: 2005 / Rev-Ola

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Lisa Mychols’ new record is full of easily hummable pop songs with sweet singing.

“Rocket to Mars” is sweet but with lots of attitude. Like all the songs here its irrepressible energy should put a smile on your face.

“Gonna get that Boy” sees our singer determined to do just that. The songs upbeat vibe leaves you in no doubt that she’ll succeed.

The sixties pop of “Oh! To be in love” with ringing guitars and ba-ba harmonies is effortlessly charming.

“Las Brisas Sun” is the ballad of the set and it’s an orchestrated number in the Shangri-La’s vein. Mychols calls back the classic girl group drama beautifully.

The db’s “Cycles per second” gets a joyful remake.

All in all this is the best soundtrack to sunny days I’ve heard in a long while.

Posted on July 4, 2005

Track Listing
1. Living Doll
2. Rocket to Mars
3. Gonna Get That Boy
4. Turn the Radio On
5. Sweet Sinsations
6. Oh! To Be in Love
7. Hit Big
8. Take a Ride
9. Brisas Sun
10. Cycles Per Second
11. Fun Fair/Old Memories
12. Rock in the City (Tonight)
13. Waiting for Me Out There
14. Gonna Get That Boy [CD-ROM Track]

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