Album Review: Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin up by Vanessa Peters and Ice Cream on Mondays


Album Name: Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin up
Artist: Vanessa Peters and Ice Cream on Mondays
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

This makes the 5th record of Vanessa’s I’ve reviewed! I know I’m late on this one, and I don’t even have a good excuse. I got it early because I pre-ordered it and it’s been shuffling in my rotation ever since.

I really enjoy Vanessa’s writing style. It’s comfortable, welcoming and easy going. Her band seems to get better with each release also. I can actually imagine pretty much every song on here being played on the radio. They’re all pretty catchy and friendly.

I love the Austin song, (Austin, I Made a Mess) and so does my mp3 player. It plays this one more than any other.

Grammar of a Sinking Ship has a really fun up-tempo melody, I dare you to keep your feet from jiggling when you hear this one.

I also really like the title track, Keep Your Chin Up.

This is a very poppy, fun, and accessible album. If you like pop-flavored folk with the teensiest of twang you’ll like this one. I do.

Track Listing
1. Good News
2. The War
3. The Next Big Bang
4. Austin, I Made a Mess
5. Drowning in Amsterdam
6. Medals
7. Keep Your Chin Up
8. The Grammar of a Sinking Ship
9. First Lesson
10. Coming to Meet Me
11. Saint Anthony
12. Just Down
13. A Million Little Rocks
14. Okay from Now On

[Vanessa Peters and Ice Cream on Mondays’ Official Site]

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