Album Review: Tabloid by Tabloid


Album Name: Tabloid
Artist: Tabloid
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Tabloid makes a very convincing neo-glam music on this album. The singer’s vocals have a good mix of attitude and sensitivity.

Appetite details the seedy side of life in a big city with élan and wit. The ghost of Bowie hovers over the proceedings.

The Junkie Violin Player works off its title by being suitably quirky and having a Marc Almond-like sense of drama.

Man on the Floor is another fine example of the bands sense of style. It has a cabaret-ish swagger and some stunning vocals. The lyrics concern the darker side of life and it seems heartfelt.

Frozen Lake is a neat exit point, a faintly ghostly ballad with harmonies to die for. It makes a fitting end to an accomplished little album that suggests the band will make more good music in the future.

Track Listing
1. Shhh…
2. Appetite
3. Take a Seat
4. The Junkie Violin Player
5. Some Help
6. Man On the Floor
7. Automatic Lines
8. Lil’ Robert
9. Frozen Lake

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