Album Review: Tagebuch by Helena Fix

Album Name: Tagebuch
Artist: Helena Fix
Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

Review by
Anna Maria Stjärnell

German singer Helena Fix has recorded an album called “Tagebuch”(diary). We get her songs and short interludes linking them.

The jazzy undertow of “Gedanken” is reminiscent of Norah Jones but perhaps more fluid.

“Das Perlenbestuckte T-shirt” harks back to classic girl groups of the sixties, all happy sha-la-la’s and a carefree lyric.

“Ich komm zuruck” is a seemingly sweet ballad, Fix’s vocal having a honeyed expression.

“Heute Nacht(Strandhotel)” is classic, eighties flavored pop with a nice relaxed mood and words of dancing in the street.

Fix has made a charming album.

Posted on May 21, 2006

Track Listing
1. Gedanken
2. Das perlenbestickte T-Shirt
3. Ich nehm´meine Träume
4. Ich komm´ zurück
5. 5 Minuten
6. Heute Nacht (Strandhotel)
7. Lalala Langusten
8. Flieg´ mit mir (Schwerelos)
9. Paradiescreme
10. Schritte auf dem Meer
11. Warum ?
12. Abendlied

[Helena Fix Official Site]


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