Album Review: Talk is Cheap by Rouse

Album Name: Talk is Cheap
Artist: Rouse
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Anna Madorsky records as Rouse and this is her complex, rewarding debut. She’s a good songwriter and an able pianist.

The title song is an up tempo song with a clever lyric, and a rockier feel than one might expect from an artist like Madorsky.

“Making Time” is a sensitive and lovely song, the vocal darting forward nicely. Madorsky has a knack for writing strong songs.

“Verb” is another smart lyric set to an electronic backdrop, Madorsky murmuring her words softly.

“Lazy Heart” is an up tempo pop ditty that recalls Belly in their prime and shows the singer’s voice at its best.

It’s a very nice record that deserves to be heard by many.

Track Listing
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1 I’ve Got One
2 Talk Is Cheap
3 Bad Fairy
4 Marking Time
5 Evidence of Me
6 Devotion7 Verb
8 An Ass for Every Seat
9 I Know Better
10 Are Reinforcements Coming?
11 Lazy Heart
12 The Unreliable Narrator (A Cautionary Tale)
13 Epilogue (Author’s Note)

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