Album Review: The Charming Factor by Blind Faith and Envy

Album Name: The Charming Factor
Artist: Blind Faith and Envy
Year/Label: 2004 / Nilaihah records

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Review by Sarah Bernardi

Nilaihah records never ceases to impress us with their amazing roster of artists. They keep the music coming with a new group, Blind Faith and Envy.

“Golden Glass” being a great opening track, is a great example of the excellent well crafted songs that we’ve come to expect.

“She’s left in silence” my personal favorite, has a more ethereal vibe to it, proving that the music, as well as Charlene’s crystalline vocals, can provide varied soundscapes that are always fresh.

There are also some bonus remixes by Blank, Null Device, and Neuroactive which all give songs like “Crowded Room” and “Major Philosopher” slightly different identities.

I encourage fans of Nilaihah and new wave fans alike to check out Blind Faith and Envy, as they do a superior job of blending many different genres into one great album.

Posted on June 27, 2004

Track Listing
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1. Golden Glass
2. Crowded Room
3. Major Philosopher
4. Something Different
5. Slightest Wave
6. Texture
7. When I Know You’re Gone
8. Shout
9. Stand Me Relentless
10. End Result
11. She’s Left in Silence
12. Crowded Room [Agoraphobia mix] by Blank
13. Crowded Room [Goa mix] by Null Device
14. Major Philosopher [Hybrid mix] by Neuroactive

[Blind Faith and Envy Official Site]


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