Album Review: The Elephant in the Room by Arden Kaywin

Album Name: The Elephant in the Room
Artist: Arden Kaywin
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I reviewed her previous record, Quarter Life Crisis I don’t recall it being this lively! I remember it being pop, on the light side, but good intelligent pop. And some of the songs on here are just that. But some are really more in the rock vein. Not hard rock, mind you, but rockier than straight pop anyway.

In fact, the song The Way that I Am is so much spicier, that when it came on while I was shuffling I had to double check I was still on this album.

I also like So Beautiful. It’s a lovely ballad.

Title track, Elephant in the Room is also a stand out. It showcases her fantastic voice.

Grand Soiree is fun and light.

While I really liked her debut, I think this one is one that will bring her the attention she deserves. At least I hope so. It’s a really fun album, and I think it’s one I’ll be listening to long after I’ve posted this review.

Track Listing
1 Let It Go
2 Lights Out
3 The Last Time
4 So Beautiful
5 Butterflies 2.0
6 Grand Soiree
7 Galileo
8 Girl in a Man’s World
9 Sleepwalking
10 Boys & Girls
11 The Elephant in the Room
12 The Way That I Am

[Arden Kaywin Official Site]


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