Album Review: The Era of Jerra by Jerra

Album Name: The Era of Jerra
Artist: Jerra
Year/Label: 2003 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

(Note: everything mentioned about this the artist’s site was indeed the case, on the date it was written, it very well could be that the site has been redesigned by the time you read this)

I don’t usually do a website critique, but I couldn’t help myself here. Jerra’s site, though pretty, is a Flash and pop-up intensive site (therefore quite annoying). If you can figure out how to navigate it, you can listen to sound clips, though other links on the site have their problems. “Home” is News, “News” is blank it doesn’t even go to the Home page where the news resides. Once you click on any one of those things, you can’t get back to home so I guess you’re just done now….bye! Unless you want to close the pop up window and go back to the site from the start again (most people won’t bother). This is a huge detriment. I know several people who will NOT, under any circumstances, visit a site with Flash. I am pretty Flash-friendly and even I got ticked…that’s saying something! Webmasters take note: There should always be an HTML choice.

Thank goodness the music is a bit more accessible. Aside from the website mess (did I mention it was pretty? It is. It’s visually stunning, just non-functional) this recording has promise.

It’s fun pop meets techno. The opening song, “Game Boy” is adorable. It makes me feel 15 again. Wait, maybe that’s not such a good thing…who wants to be 15 again? Anyway, it is fun. That’s not to say that Jerra is childish or immature, just that it reminds me of music I listened to when I was that age…so you now know how old I am. Eeek. This song will be going on some party mix CDs…at least at my house.

“Sugar Hooker” has Jerra doing her best Liz Phair. It’s a cute song.

My only complaint with the music is that this is only an EP, only 6 songs and all of them pretty short (one is under a minute). This is good fun pop/techno music and I’d like more if it!

Unfortunately, there is also no word on the website as to where to buy the CD (at least I could not find it and I visited the site around 10 times). This is a shame, she might sell some music and get some exposure if her website has a little more function and a little less flash.
It has been brought to my attention that the CD is now being sold at CD Baby, use the link on the left to purchase

Note: It does say that you can email them and ask for stuff, so you could try that. I just hope she signs up with CD Baby or Amazon soon.

Posted on December 18, 2003

Track Listing
1. Game Boy
2. Girl Gone
3. Not There
4. Sugar Hooker
5. Doris Day
6. Red Balloon

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