Album Review: The Fisherman’s Daughter by Joy Shannon and the Offering

Album Name: The Fisherman’s Daughter
Artist: Joy Shannon and the Offering
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Joy Shannon and Mark Sheppard have collaborated to make this haunting, rich record. She’s an experienced musician who plays the harp, cello and accordion and sings. Sheppard wrote the music and she the lyrics. It’s a textured, down tempo record with plenty of atmosphere.

Magdalena is a haunting composition with some great cello and dreamy vocals by Shannon.

The title song is a nightmarish and yet supple excursion that piles on harsh beats to unsettle.

Leaving Sll But Love (Behind) is dreamy and has a sound that recalls Lili Haydn. The vocal is as ever lovely and expressive.

The world I Knew is an atmospheric song, bird song accompanying Shannon’s siren vocals.

This album’s an intriguing entry into the world of two gifted musicians.

Track Listing
1.Your Lies
3.The Day Your Knew Me
4.The Fisherman\’s Daughter
5.Halfway There
6.Los Angeles
7.Leaving All But Love (All Behind)
8.Isolated Individualism
10.With All My Heart
11.Love in the East
12.The World I Knew
15.Of Angels

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