Album Review: The Glove Thief by Carly Sings

Album Name: The Glove Thief
Artist: Carly Sings
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Ireland’s Carly Blackman has just released her lovely debut album on her own label. Her lush, soft pop sound is very appealing to the ear.

“God and the Girl” features her sweet vocals at their best and an opulent melody.

“George Emerson” is breezy and happy, Blackman’s voice set to a soft backing.

“Marie Galante” is sung in French and that adds an interesting dimension to the song.

“Mushroom in My Hard Drive” imagines a future without machines and is a soft bossa nova.

Carly Sings’ debut is delightful.

Track Listing
1. God and the girl
2. You are traveling
3. Eyes closed
4. George Emerson
5. Mirror
6. Apple tree
7. The only human left
8. Marie Galante
9. Please don’t
10. Mushroom in my hard drive
11. I am right
12. L’amour

[Carly Sings Official Site]


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